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Things in my life: Flying my Weedhopper ultralight airplane, building paper models, Riding my scooter, building things and cooking stuff. It is a work in progress.

As new and interesting stuff in my life happens.... I may put up some pictures

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Paul Smigel

Weedhopper Driver - Born Survivor

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Click the link below for my Weedhopper Ultralight Flying adventures!    



All about my Weedhopper Ultralight Airplane


Pirate Paul's

Eventually this fine site will contain some of my favorite food to fix.

  Thar be som good ways to cook yer food and pretty ladies to sooth yer eyes while ye be doin the cookin.
http://www.ulflyer.com/models   Paper models and information about software
Movies and stuff that is fun to watch   just fun things to watch and waste bandwidth
Email Converter to help stop harvesting   transforms your ascii email address into its equivalent decimal entity
Phoenix Works Plant Closure   Pictures of the closing of the AT&T / CSI / Belden Manufacturing facility at 51st Ave and Van Buren Phoenix AZ in 2004
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