The following pages will let you see the ongoing demolition of the AT&T Phoenix Works plant

Belden Communications Division

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Through these doors our lives changed forever!

Here are pictures of the plant before the auction and removal of all the machinery and the people who we worked with for many years - These picture were taken by a number of different people and so there may be similar pictures but it is a great overview of all parts of the plant and a lot of the people.

People-1 -- People-2 -- People-3 -- People-4 -- People-5

From here down is the process of the Auction and then Removal everything in the plant.

Ready for the auction Sept. 15, 04 Click Here

Starting the destruction Oct. 13, 04 Click Here - More Demolition Oct. 15, 04 Click Here

Week of the 18th through 22nd Stranders Tearout - Staging for Railcars - Tin Lines

Oct. 18, 04 Click Here -- Oct 19, 04 Click here -- Oct 21, 04 Click Here Oct 22, 04 Click Here

Oct 25th through the 29th was cleanup the tin lines start on Poly Jacketing and C-service

Oct 25, 04 Click Here -- Oct 27, 04 Click Here -- Oct 29, 04 Click Here

Nov 1st through the 5th was mostly focused on the tearout of the West Insulate lines.

Nov 2, 04 Click Here -- Nov 4, 04 Click Here -- Nov 5, 04 Click Here

Nov 8th through the 12th was focused on cleaning out all of the south end of the plant.

Nov 8, 04 Click Here -- Nov 10, 04 Click Here -- Nov 11, 04 Click Here -- Nov 12, 04 Click Here

Nov 15th through the 19th was finishing the south end and tearing out the monster cranes.

The insulate crane was removed on the 16th it weighed 108 thousand pounds and was bought in 1966. There are two sets of photos (xxx-ne is the north end and xxx-se is the south end of the insulate lines) The riggers started on the south end and decided that doing this over the basement would not be a good idea. They then moved the crane to the north end of the rails (by the mass scrapper) and took it down from there. You can see the bent I beam in the picture insulate-crane-ne-down5.JPG the crane was heavier than they planned for. Final Test cranes were taken down on the 19th there is a series showing the lowering of the north crane.

Nov 15, 04 Click Here -- Nov 16, 04 Click Here -- Nov 18, 04 Click Here -- Nov 19, 04 Click Here

This was a short week because of Thanksgiving! Pictures of the removal of the crane rails at the South East end of the plant these rails are 500 LBS per inch and are in sections that are 50+ feet long The big excitement was the people who bought the extruder and lost it in the middle of Van Buren at 3:00 PM. on Tuesday. They were transporting it using 2 forklifts one on each end and going from BCD facility to a facility south of VanBuren.

Nov 23, 04 Click Here

Not much done this week small clean up and a few other items. Starting on Poly Jacketing, removal of the South East crane rails. A couple of views of the south end looking south from the mezz and north from the silos.

Nov 30, 04 Click Here

December finish up the final things on the south end and start on the Poly Jacketing area. My last day at the facility was December 3, 2004 so I will probably only get pictures about once a week now. There is not much left to see disapear, only the Poly Jacketing, and C Service areas left. Looks like they are about done.

Dec 1, 04 Click Here -- Dec 13, 04 Click Here -- Dec 15, 04 Click Here

This is the last and final pictures of the plant December 20, 2004 the network is shutdown the Phone switch is taken out and all the equipment has been removed. The only thing left is cleanup of the floors.

It was fun. We all became friends. We made money. We raised our families. We now get to do something new.

Good Luck to all and Thank You all for the good times you provided in my life.

Paul Smigel



Disclaimer: All the pictures were taken only to show the closing of the facility to those who are no longer employed at this location and have a desire to see what is going on.

Everything you wanted to know about the shutdown of the Phoenix Works - Belden Communications Division in pictures taken by Paul Smigel