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The GreenLady is

Paul Smigel's WeedHopper


This is where I put the pictures

Of the Changes and Modifications




New Axle, Seat, Wheels, and a remount of my old gas tank after coating it with an internal sealer.


Pre Flight everything!!!!

Seems that one of my control cables is due for a replacement.

Bad Cable might as well change both of them.


Additional nut on the Carb

Picture to open in another page

Addition / Change from the Fiberglass tank to the new Aluminum round tank.


Pictures here of the new tank sideview rearview

With gallon markings on site tube - Pic1 - Pic2


Mike Schweim's wing removal show *here*








"Flying down the runway"



Flying Happy - This picture was taken of me while I was flying around Check out his photographic work on Flicker

He has some great photos http://www.flickr.com/photos/24526864@N03/2936224111/


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