The GreenLady

Paul Smigel's WeedHopper

Now with 1/2 VW Power

----- Low N Slow ----

This is the part of the web site where I install the 1/2 VW and go fly

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New Engine

37 HP Half VW

54 X 22 Tennessee Prop

New engine built by Scott Casler of Hummel Engines out of Coolidge AZ.


Mounting the engine. Click Here pics open in a new window

Build of the engine mount Click here (Large Pictures)

This is a Smooth running engine.

startitup Starting the Half VW

sideview From the side

Runitup 3200 RPM Static

runup-2-idle Up and Down

Fullbore-inst Temps look good

turnitoff Shutdown and walk around



My Weedhopper Ultralight Airplane

"The GreenLady"

(With a new 1/2 VW Power plant)


Flyin With the Half VW


No sound taken with regular camera video



Setting it up and getting ready. Click Here 18 pics new window



Fuel used for 1 hour of runtime  10 to 15 min warm up and 45 min flight time - 1.3 gal of Premium auto fuel.

CHT 300,  EGT 1150 -1200,  Oil Temp 175 - 180, Oil Pressure constant 45 lbs.

top speed (with the wind) 60 mph.
Cruises real nice at about 45 at 2700 - 2900 rpm. ( depending on wind / flight direction)

Climb rate -  consistently 400 - 450 ft per min.




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