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The Green Lady is

Paul Smigel's WeedHopper

" Low N Slow "

Any Air Time is a Good Time!


This Picture says it all!

My Thanks to Jim Greene who created the graphic.


What airplane to build? Only have basic hand tools? Must be trailerable?

Then you must want to build a Weedhopper Ultralight Airplane!

Need detailed plans?

Very nice detailed Cad drawn Plans


Store it in a single car garage

trailer to anywhere you want to fly!

Buy the plans - Step by step Assembly - download the PDF file

Putting it together to fly

.................................................Flying across the AZ desert.!.....................................


Other Weedhopper Related Stuff

Weedhopper Penguin Trainer video An endangered species once seen at training facilities.

Rick Ferguson Weedhopper Modifications Not tested or proven but posted for your reading.

Video of the modified Weedhopper flying - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EvB1nk3GZeI

Get the Rotec Rally Assembly and Flight Manual 21 meg document in Adobe Format.

Mosler CB 40 Engine Manual - 16 meg in Adobe Format - care and feeing not construction!

Cuyuna UlII02 engine manual - Electrical manual

AN Bolt Chart - Ending the confusion of what it all means!

Vintage Weedhopper videos for your entertainment

Original Weedhopper Flight Training Video with John Chotia

Wing Assembly Video

Mike Schweim's how to de-wing a hopper

Weedhopper 40, Super, and 2 place from Weedhopper USA -- 25 min Video

Original Weedhopper Video Chotia 460 Assembly - Not an Engine I want to run



If you have an interest in the Weedhopper Ultralight airplane check out the group at:

http://groups.yahoo.com/group/weedhopper/ - Register and join!

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